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The Trump-ally plan to cut Omaha off for Biden is dead … for nowConservatives are now pushing the governor to hold a special session to make Nebraska a winner-take-all state.

Republicans are giving up for now on a plan to change Nebraska state law to benefit Donald Trump’s campaign, with a top state lawmaker ruling out immediate efforts to meddle with Electoral College math ahead of the general election.

John Arch, the Republican speaker of the state legislature, on Friday said that due to the limited number of days left in the session, bills could no longer be added to legislation currently on the floor.

Lisa Johns, an adviser to Arch, later told POLITICO in an email that the speaker “encouraged his colleagues to show some restraint in adding bills to other bills,” noting that the lengthy process could jeopardize “bills the members of the Legislature designated as priorities for the session months ago.”

But Arch’s earlier remarks — and the plea for restraint — appeared to shut down one of the few remaining avenues for Trump allies to pass a bill that would impose a winner-takes-all system for how Nebraska allocates its Electoral College votes.

And it left conservatives pushing for the governor to immediately call for a special legislative session to revive the bill’s consideration — a push that was shared by Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr.

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