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Opinion: Trump attorney’s embarrassing courtroom apology

Hello from the Donald Trump criminal trial in New York, where the testimony of the opening star prosecution witness David Pecker wrapped up this week — and where the former president pointed at me and scowled as he left the court for the morning break on Friday.

Every day has felt consequential here, but Friday was even more so after Thursday’s Supreme Court hearing on whether Trump can avoid other federal criminal trials by claiming presidential immunity (Trump has denied all wrongdoing in the cases). The buzz in the line Friday morning as we waited to enter the Manhattan courtroom was that, given the way the oral arguments in Washington went, this might well be the only criminal trial that Trump faces in 2024.

So the New York case matters more than ever — but Trump defense counsel Emil Bove seemed to be missing a beat Friday morning after having gotten off to a promising start in his cross-examination of Pecker, the former publisher of the National Enquirer, the day before.

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